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    Respondents' advocates and anyone recently receiving a complaint for ineffectiveness should know the following:
    Between Nov. 1, 2019 and the following General Conference session (whenever that occurs), your respondents can't be put on
 involuntary leave of absence in response to complaints filed after 11-1-19. The same goes for involuntary retirement, administrative location, and involuntary discontinuance of provisional membership.
     The Judicial Council has ruled that those changes in status (Pars. 354; 357.3; 359; 327.6) are unconstitutional. To find out why, see Decision No. 1383. Cases filed before Nov. 1, 2019 are still allowed to proceed.  Keep an eye on what General Conference does with these status changes the next time it convenes.
     All advocates for respondents in administrative track cases (i.e., not about chargeable offenses) should read Decision No. 1383 very carefully and be ready to deploy it immediately when informed of an administrative complaint which is being handled under one of those four categories.


to help the Church fulfill its own intentions to be just.

Specifically, AIA will do the following:

  • provide assistance and information to help those who are advocates, caregivers, and otherwise request aid;
  • encourage and provide legislative and judicial assistance to those seeking to change or clarify church law;
  • provide information to seekers, to church officers, to lawyers, and to anyone else wanting to know church law;
  • provide training for anyone facing or being part of any hearing body;
  • and provide and conduct other religious and educational activities related to personnel advocacy.​

As advocates, we will seek reconciliation and restoration where possible and justice always. 

AIA Officers & Board Members

Officers for 2020 are:
Chairperson: The Rev. Dr. Robert Nelson, pastor member of The Indiana Annual Conference
Vice chairperson: The Rev. Dr. William Boyd, pastor member of The Central Texas Conference
Secretary/Treasurer: The Rev. Peter Milloy, member of The Minnesota Annual Conference  

2020 Board Members:

Class of 2020:   Rob Nelson, Bob Zilhaver
Class of 2021:   Bill Boyd

Class of 2022:   Peter Milloy, Scott Campbell

Board members emeriti are Tom Butts, Leigh Roberts, and Jerry Eckert.