Associates in Advocacy

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2023 AIA Annual Meeting

Tuesday May 2, 2023 at 1:00pm - Thursday, May 4th at Noon

Hampton Inn Orlando International Airport

5767 T.G. Lee Blvd, Orlando, FL 32882 (407-888-2995)



Advocates should be aware of the following ruling issued by the Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church in its Memorandum No. 1408:
"Members of the Cabinet, Board of Ordained Ministry, Conference Relations Committee, and Administrative Review Committee shall not vote in the clergy session on recommendations for involuntary leave of absence (¶ 354), involuntary retirement (¶ 357.3), administrative location (¶ 359), and discontinuance from provisional membership (¶ 327.6) if they were involved in any prior discussions, communications, proceedings, and/or decisions concerning such administrative matters."


to help the Church fulfill its own intentions to be just.

Specifically, AIA will do the following:

  • provide assistance and information to help those who are advocates, caregivers, and otherwise request aid;
  • encourage and provide legislative and judicial assistance to those seeking to change or clarify church law;
  • provide information to seekers, to church officers, to lawyers, and to anyone else wanting to know church law;
  • provide training for anyone facing or being part of any hearing body;
  • and provide and conduct other religious and educational activities related to personnel advocacy.​

As advocates, we will seek reconciliation and restoration where possible and justice always. 

AIA Officers & Board Members

Officers for 2023 are:
Chairperson: The Rev. Dr. Robert Nelson, pastor member of The Indiana Annual Conference
Vice chairperson: The Rev. Dr. William Boyd, pastor member of The Central Texas Conference
Secretary/Treasurer: The Rev. Peter Milloy, member of The Minnesota Annual Conference  

Current Board Members:

Class of 2023:   Rob Nelson, Bob Zilhaver
Class of 2024:   Bill Boyd

Class of 2025:   Peter Milloy, Scott Campbell

​Alternates: Scott Shaffer, Carol Buckley

Board members emeriti are Leigh Roberts, and Jerry Eckert.